Knowing the health problems of the condition lips

True if the lips often associated with beauty, but behind the beauty of it if you also know that we can see from the lips of a person’s health.

Here are some health problems that can be launched from seeing the lips:
1. Lip swelling:
Do not ignore if your lips swell, because it might be indicators of health problems. Swollen lips sometimes caused by Crohn’s disease. The disease is usually caused because there is swelling in the intestines but could make an inflamed lymph channels. Swollen lips can also indicate a food sensitivity.

2. Dry chapped lips
Side dry lips peeling sometimes anemia, when the body of iron deficiency. In addition to dry chapped lips is also an example of how you are affected by diabetes, because high blood glucose levels that encourage the growth of candida, such as a fungal infection that usually attacks the thin dermis at the corners of the mouth.

3. Lips burning
This could be a sign of depression. There are many sensory equipment in the brain that can be very sensitive when there is a psychological imbalance.

4. Lips red
This usually happens allergies. This condition occurs due to the high consumption of carbonated drink. Doctors reported seeing many people are allergic to benzoic acid content in carbonated drinks and toothpaste. This may be due to eating too much.

5. Lip pale
Heart problems and lung affects the amount of oxygen carried in the blood, and when the amount of oxygen menutun significantly lips look bluish, not a healthy pink. Pale pink lips is also a common side effect of anemia