Your mood is being troubled? Overcome this way

You surely know that walking is one of the activities to maintain a healthy heart. Not only that, it turns out walking can also create a mood that had troubled to be more cheerful. This is a new study from the United States.

Enough walking for 12 minutes can make a bad mood for the better. Turns move makes one reflect on the environment so that the mood became more positive, as described by Jeffrey Miller, a psychologist from Iowa State University, USA.
It is known after the researchers asked participants to walk around the campus, and some travel photos campus. After a walk to experience or see photos, participants were asked to write an essay. Although asked to create an essay, a group that walking was still spirit. In contrast to those who only see the trip through photographs. The benefits of walking in the open was proven in studies first conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan, United States. According to this study, those who have recently experienced something less enjoyable then asked to walk in the open, after so better mood.

Hiking is an activity with low risk, inexpensive, and can be done almost everyone. Especially if it is done in the open, the benefits make a better mood so great, “said study author Sara Warber.

So, if you’re feeling upset or sad, try walking for 12 minutes. Moreover, when done outdoors, the results are significantly better mood.

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